Living Like the Happiest Person in the World for 1 Week

This week, I am on a mission: I am living like the happiest person in the world!

What happened? Let’s find out~

I was in a mood slump in the last few weeks because I was trapped in a disappointment from the past. And while I know this is not good for me, I allow myself time to process the emotion and set a deadline that I have grieve enough about it and it is time to move on.

Hence, I decided to live like the happiest person in the world this week! (Well, it’s not limited to a week but I would like to try it out to see how it feels before extending the period.)

In this article, I am sharing LIVE about my thoughts throughout the week.

Yes, this article took me 7 days to write as a result but I have so much fun doing it. I hope you have fun reading and find it inspiring too.

1st day

I am not totally into my role yet and have to keep reminding myself that I am the happiest person in the world to feel that.

I map out my vision and feel that everything is working out well for me.

I really do believe that I can achieve my wildest dreams and be the happiest person in the world. I feel secure in myself to create the life and future that I want.

Despite the slow start, it feels pretty amazing — like there is nothing more I could ask for and everything I want is with me already (which is a GREAT feeling).

This day went really smooth — I get to produce and edit some quality pieces of content :

A Habit You MUST Develop (

4 No BS Steps to Online Business Success (

Three “S” Traits You Need to Have in Any Business to Succeed (

Can Introverts Make It In The Online World? (

The Life Formula 100:1 (

How to use Quantum Physics to Make Your Dreams become REALITY (

So it is highly productive.

I really enjoy such a relaxing day just doing what I enjoy in a cozy environment.

Plus, someone leave the curtain up at the office so I enjoyed a full day of amazing beautiful sea view which is just so wonderful.

As I watch the change of scenery from morning to evening, I realize that life is just like that — from birth to death. It may seem like decades or it may seem like a day. We cannot control it (like seeking to live forever) and the only thing we do is to live it to the fullest that we can, to use the time that we are here to do things that we love and enjoy, to love and be loved, and to enjoy the scenery along our journey. At the end of the day, when night falls and death approaches, at least we can bring with us a lifetime of memories and love and that is all that matters in life.

“Life is consists of what a person is thinking about all day” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

So when I keep thinking that I am the happiest person in the world, somehow I feel that I am invincible because that happy aura is immune and protective against any bad things that try to get near me!

Somehow I know that something amazing is going to happen simply because I am the happiest person in the world! And I expect good things to happen! I know my luck is coming! Oh and an angle number 888 appears so definitely what I want is on its way!

2nd day

I am inspired to undertake a 90-day happiness project challenge where I choose ONE thing that I want to create in the next 90 days (don’t be greedy just pick one). And here are the recipe / steps that I took:

Step 1:

Get so clear of the desire that I choose and feel it in all of me. Know EXACTLY what I want and what it looks like and how it makes me feel.

Step 2:

Identify why I have not got what I want yet and what’s the block that is blocking me from having that. And working on lifting or dissolving that block.

Step 3:

Act as if I already have what I want to tune myself into the receiving frequency. Do it consistently for 90 days. Start celebrating before you really get what you want can bring you into that energy!

Step 4:

Find someone or a community to hold you accountable and checking in with you is so important. The action is what brings the result (in anything).

If you undertake this challenge as well, make sure to connect with me on fb @siimplifiedbusinesscoach to keep me posted so that I can hold you accountable!

So yea, on the 2nd day of living as the happiest person in the world I give myself this 90-day challenge because I think it would be so much fun and a happy journey.

I am planning to share about my progress of this challenge in our Patreon behind-the-scene community where I share my struggles and biggest lessons learnt. If you want to hold me accountable and see how this 90-day challenge goes for me:

3rd day

To be honest, I am feeling a little tired today perhaps due to stress from work. I have been doing a lot of content recently as I want to share about the struggles and lessons that me and my clients face in the journey 1) so that you realize that it is natural and part of the process — you are not alone 2) to share how we overcome it as an example of my coaching style and philosophy (e.g. I believe in sustainable, simplified and soulful) and show how I can support you to overcome the underlying subconscious blocks that have been blocking you from having the success that you deserve. Once you get over that, BOOM you are invincible and the business is moving forward with alignment and ease.

Because I have been there, many of my clients have been there, I fully understand how it feels and how you may try to do-it-yourself to find the solution but ended up getting even more stuck and doubtful (that was me btw).

So I want to share more about all the different struggles I or my clients faced and lessons learnt to give you more perspective of how the path ahead may look like.

So this is what I am working on right now — planning and creating tons of content and values and coaching clients.

While I wrote this, the happiness inspiration came: I am really happy to be working on something I enjoy, and all the good people I work with.

Supporting my clients to breakthrough has brought me sooooo much fulfillment and happiness that I see myself doing this for the rest of my life!

So proud of them and celebrating for their breakthrough has been one of my greatest source of happiness.

Happiness includes working on things that are meaningful to you, regardless of what that may be. If you find meaning in what you do, and enjoy doing it, chances are you will do great and the money will follow — which will in turn bring more happiness.

Yes, Happiness can compound like interest when you find the thing you love to do.

I noticed that many people (myself included) are attracted by the notion of financial freedom and having the money flowing in without working (aka passive income), but there is no such thing as a totally passive income in my opinion (I will explain why in another article).

And freedom can only be achieved with self-discipline (I am sure successful entrepreneurs and self-employed would agree on this).

So when you can find something that you really enjoy doing so that you would be doing the work without a boss chasing, you are on the path to freedom and happiness.

4th day

I am the happiest person in the world.

Having said that, I do not promote forced happiness — sometimes we have to give ourselves the grace period to just take the emotional ride.

After all, we are human and we have emotions that can sometimes go out of control if we just let it run on autopilot.

One way that I use to shift my emotion is gratitude.

When disappointment, anger, frustration, disempowered, whatever undesired emotions come up, I shift my focus to thing that I have and I know is coming into my life.

And I declare that I am open to receive all goods in my life.

I am deeply grateful for both what I have currently and what I will have.

You see, I try to link what I have now with what I want to manifest in life by giving gratitude to both at the same time (kind of in a mixed package) so that my brain would be less likely to doubt the realistically of my statement.

It only becomes real and true when you truly believe.

And what we focus on expands. When we shift the focus on gratitude and what we have what we will have, it moves us from the frequency of dissatisfaction to the frequency of satisfaction. And that brings joy since having what we want is joyous.

When we truly believe in our ability to create (or shall I say co-create) the future that we want, there is a security and peace of mind. That is a joyous state to be in as well — knowing that all is working out perfectly and I am exactly where I need to be.

5th day

It’s Friday! Yeahh!!!

Happiness lessons I have learnt this week: no one can steal your joy.

If you are happy and calm, you have a natural guard against negativity. When people come trying to press your emotion button, you have a better control and you will find yourself quickly restore to your natural happy self (let that person trapped in their own negativity). It is like no harm can come to you.

Knowing that I am the happiest person in the world just gives that sense of peace and certainty that only good things come and only good things and good people stick in my life.

And that certainty (what we believe to be true) will in turn confirms itself because of our belief and faith in it.

I do believe that rich people gets richer, and happy people gets happier. Because it is a snowball effect of confirmations.

Ok, let’s talk real.

Even if all that energy things do not work, even if shitty people still appear, what’s the worst that can happen if you just ‘know’ that you are the happiest people in the world?

Worst of all, you ….have nothing to lose!!

As you confirm yourself time and time again that you are the happiest people in the world, YOU KNOW WHAT?!

It becomes TRUE.

And I have amazing things happen this week (things that I may overlook if I am not doing this challenge) — I have yet another breakthrough in my business, I get rid of a person who I do not enjoy working with, the supplements that I have been wanting to buy just happened to be on discount, I got an extra Free drink at Starbucks, I found an extremely good book with just the information I need right now, I planned in extra time for relaxation and everything in life and business is still going well, I have new insight that would make me better at what I do, I slow down to enjoy the process of building the business but still get clients come consistently.

I would highly recommend you to take this challenge “Living Like the Happiest Person in the World for 1 Week” and please share with me your experience!

I would love to hear from you about what happened and how did it feel! Just DM me on social media or we can talk within the Patreon community.

Thank you so much for joining me in this article!


Here’s where to connect:


FB: @simplifiedbusinesscoach

IG: @simplifiedbusinesscoach




Writes about Career acceleration; FIRE Retire in 10 years; Passive investment; Abundant mindset

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Connie C

Connie C

Writes about Career acceleration; FIRE Retire in 10 years; Passive investment; Abundant mindset

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