How to use Quantum Physics to Make Your Dreams become REALITY

Let’s get this right first: you DO NOT need to know how Quantum Physics work to make it work for you, just like you do not need to know how electricity is generated to use electricity (you only have to click on the switch).

So, don’t be afraid as we would not be diving into a physical thesis here. We are only going to talk about how to use the Quantum Physics theory to apply it in our life and business to create breakthroughs and get what we want. Sounds good?

Quantum physics is the most powerful physics there is. I mean really POWERFUL — the major breakthrough such as a spaceship, nuclear energy, Global Positioning System (GPS), etc. It is the synonym of major breakthrough and rethinking of time and space. It means explosive, exponential leaps from one place to another (in other words, quantum leaps).

There are two kinds of progress: one is conventional progress which is incremental. The other is unconventional progress which is geometric. The former is addition, the latter is times.

5 steps that you can use this powerful science to achieve geometric, explosive, exponential growth in your life and/or business.

Step 1: break out of your routine

Omg, too many people are obsessed with routine — it’s an energy-saving mode of living, it increases productivity, blah, blah, blah.

I am not against routine but to be honest it really depends on the kind of routine you have.

A routine to stay in the comfort zone doing the same thing that is not working repeatedly would not get us where we want to go.

Compared to a routine that challenges us to think creatively, out of the box, to try different approaches, to re-think the way that works can be done with fewer efforts and time yet with the greater result, it is obvious which one has a better chance of achieving the geometric, explosive, exponential growth right?

If you have a routine of the former, it is time to break out of your routine and make the uncomfortable jump outside of it.

A Quantum leap or major breakthrough cannot be achieved following the conventional way of doing.

We simply cannot expect a major breakthrough approach to be marketed in Facebook ads because there is simply no formula to follow! No proven script, no proven funnel, no proven anything! That is why we call it breakthrough and rethinking in the first place and why the result is so drastically different from the conventional approach.

If you are doing something right now that is not giving you the result you want, and you know you have been trying for long enough (not dabbling, I mean really trying hard for some time — see the article “The Life Formula 100:1” where I shared how long is long enough), then it is time to change course.

If you are not willing to change, sorry but keep working harder on the same thing that is not working would not magically bring you the breakthrough that you want. (See “A Habit You MUST Develop:, where I talked about working harder is NOT the solution.)

Step 2: Swim against the tide

Be OK about being the odd one swimming against the tide.

In fact, be happy about being the odd one because it means you are on the unconventional path!

Think Warren Buffett, he wants to be buying when EVERYONE else is selling and selling when EVERYONE else is buying. That is swimming against the tide and unconventional and that gives him the unconventional result.

The conventional way is usually a way that many people have tried and found to work. By “work”, I mean getting incremental and mediocre result. That is a safe path that is established, developed and many people are walking on the path so the fruits that you can get by reaching there is less because there are many people.

Conventional advice is “go to school, get good grades, find a professional job and work until retirement age”. Generations of people have walked this path and the system is well developed here, but do not expect to find any treasure here because anything worthy would have been taken and used.

Bottom line: the conventional way works but it would not produce major breakthrough or geometric, explosive, exponential growth.

Step 3: Think unrealistically (and lift the self-imposed limitations)

Yes, so many tell you to set REALISTIC goals, to play it safe.

Here are the questions I ask myself to think unrealistically: “If I know that I cannot fail, and money is not an issue, what would I do and what would I achieve?”

Don’t just think about that 10% — 30% increments in your salary, think how to TRIPLE or 10X your salary in the next year.

Don’t just think about how to find 1 client for your business, think how to build that pipeline so that clients keep flowing into your business.

Don’t just think about making a living, think how to reach abundance with more wealth you could ever spend in 3 generations.

I know! Your mind would be objecting: “that’s not realistic! That’s not possible! I can’t do that! I need to take it step by step! I’m not that extraordinary! I’m not smart enough! I’m not blah. Blah. Blah.”

Yes we all do that — setting self-imposed boundaries and limitations on ourselves, trapping us in a thought prison that defines us into little person and convinces us that this is the only, logical way to live.

But is this true?

Are we telling ourselves that because we are afraid of failure, afraid of the unknown, afraid of being the odd one, afraid of not following the conventional approach?

We are the ones imposing the limitations on ourselves, we alone have the power to lift it.

Again, ask yourself “If you know that you cannot fail, and money is not an issue, what would you do and what would you achieve?”

Step 4: Hold onto your vision

OK, let’s be real. You are going to face challenges along the way, especially because this is unchartered and new area to you.

If you have been following conventional approach all the time until now, it is going to feel UNCOMFORTABLE. You are going to feel confused, doubtful, and fear. It is NORMAL and part of the process.

This is the toughest phase of the journey because you’ve just overcome your fear of being the odd one, you’ve challenged yourself to think unrealistic and done mental work to lift the limitations, and after all those hard work one would expect to see at least some results right?

Nope, nothing at all.

Or even worse.

Things will be messier than ever, you could be constantly questioning yourself why the hack you need to choose this path, you could be so attracted to going back to the comfort zone, the old doubts and objections that you’re not enough to make it may surface again and again to lure you back.

THIS IS TOUGH. (And no one says major breakthrough or geometric, explosive, exponential growth is easy.)

So, be prepared.

One thing that can SAVE you is your vision — Hold onto it as if you are floating on sea and your dear life depends on it!!!

HOLD ONTO YOUR VISION SO TIGHT THAT occupies your mind and brain with it, leaving no space at all for doubts and questions.

SEE it becoming a reality in your mind (not unlike a person floating on the sea imagining the vision of land XD but you get the idea)

Create a mental picture of what you want and focus intensely on it, every day.

Step 5: Have faith

Yes, it is science still, but when we come to the level of science so powerful it becomes magic almost.

Going to space used to be a fantasy, until the first spaceman landed on the moon.

And when we are undertaking such grand project, we alone does not seem to have enough power. It takes a team to do that. And that is why we need the help of something more powerful — the invisible power, the law of attraction, the universe, God.

Trust that when you seek major breakthrough or geometric, explosive, exponential growth, and act as if you can have it, you WILL have it.

Trust in the process, trust all the work that have taken you from where you were in your tiny little comfort zone, to the challenging journey in search of your dream and worthy pursuit.

Trust that every failure is a gift that allows you to grow into the person you need to be to own your achievement that you dream of.

Trust that when you put your WHOLE HEART into something, it rewards you with the same magnitude of love and attention you have given it.

Trust that it is just a matter of choice — whether you prefer incremental or explosive growth.

So tell me, what is your choice?

If you know that you cannot fail, and money is not an issue, what would you do and what would you achieve?


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Writes about Career acceleration; FIRE Retire in 10 years; Passive investment; Abundant mindset

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Connie C

Writes about Career acceleration; FIRE Retire in 10 years; Passive investment; Abundant mindset