4 Must Haves Supplements for Girls in their 30s


4 Must Haves Supplements for Girls in their 30s

If you are in your 30s and consider taking supplements to support your health and body, there are a lot (too much) information and choices. This article will help you save some research time.


Don’t fall under the impression that ‘I’m still young so I don’t need supplements”. Well, you may not need a lot of supplements in your 30s — they should be supplementing your diet.

Nonetheless, you know your diet and you probably are aware that you do not intake sufficient nutrients from your diet. And that’s where the supplements may come in as an easy and convenient alternative to food.


As we age (actually from the age of 25), the cells responsible for producing collagen reduces. The ‘baby fat’ in our skin slowly disappeared. We ‘look older’ and the skin becomes less radiant.

In addition, collagen is a major component in tendons, blood vessels, ligaments, etc. Therefore, as we get older, we are more likely to have joint issues or even osteoarthritis which is caused by the decreased collagen in our bone.

To keep our joint and bone health, and to maintain youthful skin, collagen is definitely one of the essential supplements on our list.


The second supplement chosen for this essential list for girls in the 30s is lutein.

During the day, we are either looking at our phone or computer 90% of the time. This means that we are subject to blue light. Our eyes are not very good at blocking the blue light. In fact, blue light penetrates all the way to our retina (the inner lining of the back of our eyes) and extensive exposure to blue light can damage the light-sensitive cells on our retina which can eventually cause permanent vision loss.

Lutein is one of two major carotenoids found as a color pigment in the human eye. To put it simply, it acts as a light filter and hence helps to protect our eyes from blue light damage.

What is more, lutein cannot be synthesized by our body, which means we must obtain it either from our diet or from supplements.

Green leafy vegetables are the best natural food sources of lutein but honestly how many of us intake sufficient green leafy vegetables every day? Sometimes, supplement serves as a more convenient and effective solution, and lutein is one of these cases.

Psyllium husks / probiotics

Because of the modern diet, our digestive system is forced to work very hard every day to absorb excess oil, sodium, sugar, and whatever we eat. It is really exhaustive and gut diseases are getting more common. That’s why we need to help reduce the pressure of our intestine.

There are two supplements that I have been using for years for digestive health: Psyllium husks and Probiotics. Either one would be good. You may try to see which one you like better.

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that can also be found in fermented foods such as yogurt. It helps to promote the proper intestinal environment and is scientifically proven to reduce the risk of constipation.

Psyllium husks are an edible soluble fiber, which is also used as a bulking finer. Once ingested, those little fiber expands to form a gel-like mass that sweeps the waste out of the colon more quickly and efficiently. Hence, it can also help with reducing constipation.

These two do an absolutely amazing job of keeping the digestive system healthy.

Vitamin D and calcium

Calcium and vitamin D are essential to building strong, dense bones. Girls and women in particular, are more susceptible to osteoporosis and should pay more attention to bone health.

Yet, our bodies cannot produce calcium, so the only way of getting it is either through the food we eat or supplements. Natural sources of calcium are dairy products such as milk, yogurt, and cheese which quite a lot of people are allergic to. Or we simply may not eat enough of this food to have sufficient calcium required.

Vitamin D is essential for absorbing calcium in the body. When you choose calcium supplement, pick one that has vitamin D with it for better absorption.

Okay, these are the 4 must-haves essential supplements for you ladies. Health is the number one asset and does take good care of yourself!




Writes about Career acceleration; FIRE Retire in 10 years; Passive investment; Abundant mindset

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Connie C

Connie C

Writes about Career acceleration; FIRE Retire in 10 years; Passive investment; Abundant mindset

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